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Open Data

Display the data in CSV and XML format. Within each of the eight thematic area it has been prepared a block, the right column of the page, which shows the data in CSV and XML format only for the specific subject area.

Video Gallery

All the project video in the Gallery are uploaded on Youtube. The videos are also available in each project worksheet.

How does the project geography section work?

Choose only one subject area to see the geolocation of the single  project theme, or select other filters.

How do I search for policy and regulations?

Consult the latest updates and documents in italian that outline the European and national policy in the field of environment and climate by choosing policy and regulation from the menu. The internal search facilitate the consultation.

How do I search for projects on the knowledge platform?

By Theme:  Find the projects by selecting from  the menu themes or from images in the Home Page all the project related with a theme.
By Programme:  Find the projects by selecting the programme in the menu. You can find the projects divided  by theme.
Project search: Find the projects from the Search Projects page by filling in one filter at least.