European Technology Platforms

Climate Change

NDC Partnership - The NDC Funding and Initiatives Navigator is a searchable database of financial and technical assistance programs available for implementing national climate plans 


Bio-based economy

EATIP - European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform

FABRE TP - The Farm Animal Breeding and Reproduction Technology Platform  

Food for Life - The European Technology Platform Food for Life

FTP - Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform

Plant ETP -  “Plants for the Future” European Technology Platform

TP Organics - European Technology Platform for organic food & farming and low-input agriculture



EBTP  - European Biofuels Technology Platform

ETIP PV -  European Technology and Innovation Platform Photovoltaic

TP OCEAN - European Technology and Innovation Platform for Ocean Energy

RHC-Platform -  European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating & Cooling

ETP SmartGrids - European Technology Platform for Electricity Networks of the Future

ETIPWind - European Technology and Innovation Platform on Wind Energy

ZEP - European Technology Platform for Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants



WssTP - Water supply and sanitation Technology Platform

European MSP Platform - The European Maritime Spatial Planning Platform 


Production and processes

Manufuture - European Technology Platform on “Future Manufacturing Technologies”

SMR - European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources

SusChem - European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry



ERRAC -  The European Technology Platform on Rail Research

ERTRAC -  The European Technology Platform on Road Transport Research

EU EIP - European ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) Platform


Cross-cutting ETP Initiatives

Nanofutures - European initiative for sustainable development by Nanotechnologies

ETPIS -  The cross ETP initiative on Industrial Safety

ConXEPT - The Consumer Goods Cross-ETP