Soil represents the interface between land, air and water and it is essential for any living species in the planet and provides a number of provisional and supporting ecosystem services, which makes this resource one of the principal centrepiece of  environmental themes, from the adaptation and mitigation of climate change to food security and human health. In order to allow the soil  performing its function it is important to protect it from degradation processes and threats , such as: erosion, reduction of organic matter, contamination, soil sealing, compaction, biodiversity reduction, salinisation, landslides and floods. The 7° Environmental Action Plan highlights the importance to: intensify efforts towards the reduction of soil erosion and increase the organic matter contained in it; remediate the contaminated sites and improve the integration of soil use into more coordinated decisional processes, which include decisions made at the whole required  levels to be linked with the adoption of specific land and soil objectives within wider spatial planning objectives.


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