Climate is the result of the interaction between sunrays inclination on Earth and elements such as latitude, ocean currents, glaciers, etc. It determines many environmental characteristics of a region, such as flora and fauna, so that in each climate area it is possible to find similar environments.

Climate can change due to natural or anthropic factors. In the last decades, the rapid increase in the global temperature has been related to the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere produced by human activities, as recognized also by the scientists group of IPCC (Intergovernmental panel on climate change), that studies the climate change on the basis of the United Nations’ mandate. Among the most impactful human activities there are: the use of fossil fuels (coal, methane, gas, oil), deforestation (forests are one of the main CO2 absorption tanks with a very important function in climate mitigation), the depletion of natural resources, the exploitation of lands through unsustainable agricultural practices and the intensive livestock farming. Time plays an important role in the fight against climate change; looking at the positive experiences in this area can be a winning move.

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