environmental sustainability

Eco-sustainable thermal mortars
Wall panel without resin - replacement of polyester resins, volatile solvents and hazardous pigments with natural stone and glass powders
Sustainable Flame Retardant Technical Textile from Recycled Polyester
ORGANIC FERTILIZER. Project for the disposal of manure surplus with added plant extracts (PAV - natural product with enzymatic activity), creating a new high quality organic fertilizer to be marketed in the agri-food sector
Efficient utilization of Plastic Waste through Product Design and Process Innovation
Sludge-free process for the production of innovative natural stone-like tiles
Production of paper and cardboard based on using byproducts from confectionery production as a partial substitute for virgin cellulose
BIoprocessing for Sustainable production of COLoured textiles
The Green Public Procurement Information Network
Environmental COoperation model for Cluster